Holding a Stall on Campus

Through the Students' Union your group is able to book to hold a stall on campus in selected places. You can use a booked stall for a variety of reasons and to do a variety of things - some examples from past stalls include:

  • Cake sale by the RAG society to raise funds;
  • Awareness stalls by the Islamic and Jewish Societies, to let students know more about those religions;
  • Latitude Lookout used stalls to give away copies of the magazine;
  • Selling tickets to events and performances.

Where can we hold stalls?

There are limited places on campus where you can hold stalls - this is because of various laws and regulations related to keeping everyone on campus safe, and the fact that not all of the campus is land that is owned by the University.

Places where we have held stalls before and it's (relatively) easy to request them again:


  • In the foyer entrance to Stockwell Street.
  • Queen Mary ground floor, opposite Security desk (entrance closest to the Student Centre).

Avery Hill

  • Outside the Students' Union offices, Southwood Site, Avery Hill;
  • On the large grassy area in the middle of the Student Village, Southwood Site, Avery Hill;
  • Outside the Village Shop, Southwood Site, Avery Hill.

Other places depend on the University (and Old Royal Naval College if at Greenwich) giving permission - a general rule of thumb is that it's very difficult to request a stall on Greenwich campus unless it's in the University specific area (where Dreadnought and Stephen Lawrence Buildings are surrounded by fencing).

Stalls can be requested inside, but they must be in open areas that are not corridors, walkways or fire exits, and time is needed to gain permission from any University staff in the area who may be affected.

How do I request a stall?

To book a stall, fill in the Stall Request Form (.doc) and return it to activities@gre.ac.uk at least two weeks before the requested date.

You can also click here to download an example of the completed form, to show you what you should consider when filling the form in.

We will then check the form, ask for any amends needed, and contact the relevant University staff to seek permission. We recommend getting your form in well in advance, as especially at busy times it can take up to the full two weeks or longer to get the whole process sorted and permission for the stall confirmed.

If you need to borrow a table for the stall then please specify this on your form - we have some fold out tables available from Students' Union receptions that can be borrowed by groups, but you will need to collect them from and return them to Cooper Building or the SU Offices next to the Village Shop.

Food hygiene and cake/food stalls

Following guidance issued by the Food Standards Agency, cake sales held by our student groups do not usually have to follow the legal requirements of a business selling food.

Where the stall providing food (for a donation or free) is held by volunteers for a charity (which the Students' Union is) then the legal requirement to have the food prepared by someone holding a valid food hygiene qualification is relaxed.

You do still need to follow good food hygiene practice - for more information please read the Food Standards Agency guidance on charity cake sales.

The stall request form example is for a cake sale - at the minimum you will need to read it over and ensure you are considering all of the hazards listed. 

It's also worth considering getting Krispy Kreme doughnuts as the company offers them for fundraising at a reduced price! See http://www.krispykreme.co.uk/fundraising for details.