Showing a Film as Part of Your Group

Currently, for a public showing of a film (which showing a film as part of your group would be) a licence is required. This means that there are legal requirements that limit the way student groups can show films.

We are aware that showing films may be an important part of group activities, and so we have purchased a film licence that allows for showing of most films as long as the criteria below are followed.

Keeping it legal

Our licence only covers films from the FilmBank catalogue - please check it is in the database, which can be found at

If the film is not copyrighted then you can show it even if it isn't listed in the FilmBank catalogue - please send us confirmation that the film is not copyrighted for our records (you can check at places like, or if you have written permission from the producers/distributors of the film).

Your film showing should be open to members of your group, and potential members whose details you have recorded. It cannot be an open public viewing.

It must be in a University or Union room or venue (as our licence only covers University property).

You must not charge an entry or viewing fee - making money by charging for refreshments is fine, but you cannot charge an entry fee according to the terms of our licence.

If you cannot fulfil the criteria above then you will need to purchase a single viewing licence (also known as a single title screening licence) to ensure your screening is legal. These are available from a variety of distributors, and if you are doing this you will need to show the Activities department proof that the screening is legal before we can process any room bookings or claims related to the event.

Please follow all the criteria above to ensure your film showing is legal. Due to the possible legal consequences, we are having to take any breaches of this rule very seriously. If you want more information about copyright and how the law works then there is a factsheet from the Copyright Service available by clicking here.

Planning the screening

You will need to submit a room booking form and follow that procedure if wanting to book a University room, or the Events Proposal form and procedure to book Sparrows or Bar Latitude. Please indicate on the form that you are planning to show a film.

Please then fill in the short Film Screening Form onlineIf there are any problems they will get in touch with you to try and rectify this before the showing.

We don't have copies of films to loan from the Union - if you wish to show a film then as well as making sure you are covered by the licence, make sure you have access to a copy.

If you don't have your own copy of a film covered by our licence then we recommend looking in the University library - they have many copies of films that can be borrowed by any student.