Holding an Event in an External Venue

Why use an external venue?

Use of the Union venues allows you to hold your events in a safe environment where you are likely to receive the lowest costs for outgoings associated with the event. If you want to hold an event in an external venue we will often give permission but we do want to see a reason for why it cannot be hosted in the Union venues.
Obviously, however, we do realize there are things that other venues provide that the Union cant (for example – we don’t have a boat so you will have to go externally for a boat party social!), so please just write down on the Event Proposal Form the reasons why you want to use an external venue.

How do I plan an event and get permission?

To hold an event using an external venue please fill in the Event Proposal Form including as much detail as possible about the proposed event, including details and contacts for the external venue, reasons the external venue is preferred to a Union venue, expected numbers, costs, times and dates. 

If you want some support with completing the form, then you can contact the Activities & Events Coordinator (for any student group), or the Societies Development Coordinator (if you are a society).

This form should be submitted to activities@gre.ac.uk so the staff and VP Student Activities can look at the feasibility of the event and whether the use of an external venue is a viable proposal.

Forms must be submitted at least more than three weeks before the proposed date. An explanation of the decision making process of the Union with regards to event proposals can be found in the 'Policies & Procedures' section of the Committee Handbook.

It's really important with use of an external venue that the event is budgeted so as to not cause your group to lose money - you can always use our template budget to work out event costs and submit this alongside your form for information, or arrange to meet with the Activities & Events Coordinator to work through a budget together.

Each proposal for use of an external venue will then be treated individually, with arrangements made for use of the external venue if it is agreed.


PLEASE BE AWARE: Unfortunately, due to licensing laws we cannot permit our student groups to hold Bar or Pub crawls in Greenwich.

We are however, aware that these types of events are very popular with students. Our RAG society host multiple bar crawls throughout the academic year which start in Greenwich and head into central London; we would encourage you to attend these instead, or speak to RAG about working on an event together.

For further advice or information regarding this please contact activities@gre.ac.uk.