Fundraising for a Charity

As the Students' Union is a registered charity, there are some legal checks and procedures that must be followed before any donation of money can be made to another charity.
Because the Students' Union is a charity, this means that all of the fundraising you do for your group is also for charity - we're developing help and guidance for you to make the most of the opportunities this brings.

Planning the event / activity

All activities that want to donate any money to an external charity must have approval from the Student Activities staff. To get this you need to complete the usual paperwork for that activity (e.g. a Stall Request Events Proposal Form) and note on there that you are raising money for a charity.

There are a number of complications to raising money for an external charity because of the Students' Union's status as a charity itself, so we strongly recommend that you talk over plans with a member of the Student Activities staff team to make sure you are following the rules and not behaving 'ultra vires'. Overall, the best rule of thumb to remember is that you must only donate profit from your event, and cover your costs before making a donation to an external charity.

We also recommend getting in touch with the RAG Society, as they have lot of experience with fundraising, and along with Student Activities staff they can help you understand any legal requirements for your fundraising.

Keeping it legal

There is an information sheet which outlines the procedures for charity collections - please click here to read it, as there are various legal requirements that might not seem obvious! 

There are also legal requirements that are involved in running a raffle, lottery or gaming - please click here to read the Raffles & Lotteries information sheet for guidance.

How to collect the money

You need to ensure that at all times the money collected is secure and everyone donating knows which charity they are donating to.

We have small collection tins and large collection buckets, along with seals, that can be borrowed by any student group. Either note down on your form that you want to borrow them, or email us at

We also recommend considering setting up an online fundraising page - these can be used to raise money for other charities and your student group, and more information is available by clicking here.

Paying the money to the charity

There are a couple of ways you can donate the money to the charity, either once you've completed your event or by planning in advance and using an online donation website.

Through the SU: If someone from the charity isn't there to take the money directly, then pay the money in to your SU group account (making it clear that the money is 'donations for Charity X'), along with any paperwork from the charity that they want to receive with the donation and any instructions from the charity on how to pay donations to them, and we will send a cheque for the amount raised to the charity.

Straight to the charity: If a representative of the charity is present with you when collecting money, they can take it straight away to be paid in to the charity. Don't forget to find out from them how much you raised, and let us know so we can include it in impact reports!

Online: websites where you can donate online to charities have become increasingly popular and are an easy way to get donations paid straight to the charity - if the charity you are supporting uses an online fundraising website already where you can sign up as a fundraiser (for example JustGiving or BT MyDonate) then we recommend doing that as money donated there is given straight to the charity.

Most charities use some of the big websites, like JustGiving, MyDonate, GoFundMe, or Virgin Money Giving, but if you're unsure which one then it's best to ask the charity directly which one they would prefer you to use. To let us know that you're doing this either fill in this online form or email the Activities team with details.

Confirming how much you have raised

Each year the Students' Union has to declare if any funds have been raised for other charities (as the SU itself is a registered charity) so please do let us know by filling in the online Fundraising Confirmation form if you do any fundraising - not only do we have to declare it as part of our finances, we also want to recognise the amazing efforts you go to and let the University know!