Committee Training

We know that the leaders on the committees of our student groups do fantastic things - you're all volunteers who give your time alongside your studies to help make the student experience at Greenwich great.

We also know that you won't know everything straight away - no matter how involved you've been in your group previously, when you step up to being on a committee there are new procedures and forms to get to grips with.

We do our best to keep paperwork at a minimum, but legally the Union is responsible for student groups so we need to have some way of making sure that the activities and events that are happening meet all of the legal responsibilities, as well as the requirements of the Union and University governing documents.

To help student group leaders navigate these procedures and forms, as well as to try and help equip you with the skills needed to lead your groups, we run training sessions, the largest of which is the annual Student Group Leaders Conference shortly after exams.

To find out more about the different training sessions, click here.

First Aid Training

We organise a 1 day first aid training course annually, subsidised by the Union so our student group leaders can gain a qualification that both keeps members safe on any activity they are attending, and provides a valuable life skill.

We email out to all committee members when the course is booked, so keep an eye on your emails and the course list on the Employability & Volunteering Toolkit.

Moodle Training Courses

We are also developing a series of Moodle training sessions through the University portal, to allow committee members to access training at times that suit them, and work through the training at their own pace. We will be contacting committees when the training is ready for testing!

Student Media Training

There are additional risks involved relating to defamation for our groups that publish media, for example newspapers, magazines, blog websites, radio, podcasts, or other platforms from which information can be disseminated widely.

To help understand and manage those risks we require the Latitude Media groups to undergo extra training as recommended by national student media groups like the Student Publication Association and Student Radio Association. 

We may also require other student groups to undertake this training if they are publishing or broadcasting any media that may have the same risks.

For an up to date list of the training available, and for students to confirm their completion of the training, please go to