Group Leader: Roles & Responsibilities

For a SUUG student group to run, there need to be a minimum of a three group leaders, one of which must be a Chairperson. The other positions can be determined by the leadership team. We suggest having a captain for each team within a sports club, and for societies to plan what they need each group leader to do.

Each group can add more positions as it sees fit, however the title of new positions need to be confirmed by the VP Student Activities, with the knowledge of the Student Activities staff.

Outline of basic leadership team responsibilities:

Chairperson specifically

  • Responsible for the overall running and leadership of the group, ensuring all Union rules and procedures are followed;
  • Coordinates the leadership team, charing meetings, supporting and motivating the other group leaders to achieve the aims & objectives of the group;
  • Acts as first point of contact for the group to Union staff and officers, and other external bodies such as national governing bodies or potential sponsors;
  • Attends the relevant Council meetings unless unable, in which case they must arrange for another committee member to attend.


All of the leadership team (most of these responsibilities would be split up between group leaders depending on your role)

  • Plan events, trips, and activities in line with Union procedures and what members want;
  • Work as a team to develop your group and give members the best experience you can;
  • Ensure good communication between group leaders and members;
  • Ensure your SUUG webpage and any social media accounts are kept up to date;
  • Responsible for taking minutes at meetings and ensuring records are kept;
  • Responsible for ensuring membership money is paid and events are budgeted for;
  • Ensure all Union rules and procedures are followed;


This isn't an exhaustive list - we recommend taking a look at the Guide to Leadership Roles (.pdf) for an idea of what the usual responsibilities are for a variety of roles.

More information

For more information on different roles, as well as the types of skills you can develop by taking on these roles, we've produced a 'Guide to Leadership Team Roles' (.pdf) that matches the Employability & Volunteering Toolkit.

If you're thinking about becoming a group leader, or have been a group leader and want suggestions of which skills you can prove through your involvement, we suggest taking a look!

For more information on what training is provided for leadership teams, and the Student Group Leaders Conference, see the Handbook page about Training.