Types of Membership

There are sometimes a few different types of membership available to people wishing to join a club or society. Below is a brief explanation of when each type of membership is used and what it entitles the member to do.

Student Memberships

Student Membership
Student Membership is available to any current students at the University of Greenwich. A student will become a student member of a group once they have paid their membership, which runs Sept-Aug in line with academic years.You cannot limit Student Membership to only certain 'types' of students, due to our Equal Opportunities & Diversity Statement.

Student Membership (Competitive)
Student Membership (Competitive) is the same as the Student Membership above, and entitles the member to play in competitive sports matches (e.g. BUCS, LUSL & SESSA fixtures).

Student Membership (Training Only)
Student Membership (Training Only) is the same as the Student Membership above, and entitles the member to attend and take part in training sessions, but not play in competitive sports matches (e.g. BUCS, LUSL & SESSA fixtures).

Social Membership (also known as Non-Playing Membership)
Social members are able to train throughout the year and have the same rights and procedures as full paying members, however they are unable to play in matches or take part in training as they are not insured for taking part in the physical activity.

Associate (non-student) Membership

Associate Membership
Non-student members, who do not make up the core membership of 6, they do not have the right to participate in the democratic side of student groups, but can take part in most student group activities. They cannot play in BUCS, LUSL or SESSA matches. They pay a higher fee which is twice the student fee. Associate members cannot make up more than 10% of the membership.


Membership means that members taking part in sports clubs and some physical activity societies are covered by the BUCS Platinum Personal Insurance Policy. This gives them a range of benefits if a claim is made. A copy of the cover provided is available online by clicking here.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Statement

SUUG has a strict equal opportunities policy that forbids discrimination on the grounds of ability, age, colour, ethnic origin, family circumstances, gender, HIV status, marital status, religious beliefs, sexuality, socio-economic background or any other irrelevant distinction.
Any student group or member who contravenes these policies risks complete suspension of all activities by the Vice President Student Activities and fellow sabbatical officers, and disciplinary action being bought against them (dependant on the severity of the contravention).

Disability Discrimination Act 2004 states that it is illegal to exclude students with disabilities merely on the grounds of cost. If a group needs assistance in getting extra equipment, they should contact the Student Activities Manager and VP Student Activities with information.