Committee Elections & Handover

As the Students’ Union is a democratic organisation, our governing documents state that all of our student groups also have to be democratically run by our students – that means all of you lovely student group leaders!

Student group committee members (who lead the group) are therefore elected annually by the student members of each group – to be able to provide training to all committee members that covers what is needed, and to ensure that we follow our governing documents, all student group committee elections are held around the same time of year.

Any group that has been running since before January  of each year needs to elect a new committee during March/April of the same year. If this causes a significant problem for your group then please contact the Activities staff team for advice.

You need to let Student Activities staff know by the end of March if you will be holding the election for the new group leaders at a meeting, otherwise an online election will automatically be set up for your group.

It’s up to each group whether the new committee take over immediately, if you run side-by-side for a while, or if the new committee take over during third term.

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